Mirroring qmail.org

Please use one of the following:

wget -m --relative http://mirror.qmail.org
rsync -rtzp ftp.qmail.org::qmail /path/to/your/mirror/directory

Mirror it once a day. Tell me the URL if you want your mirror added to the list. I also need a contact email address to which I can email reports of mirror failure. Send me the entry in this form:

<a mail="CONTACT" href="SITE/top.html">LOCATION</a><br>

Make sure that it also responds to http://qmail.org/ by using

NameVirtualServer your-server's-ip-here

<VirtualHost your-server's-ip-here>
        ServerName      qmail.whateversubdomain.tld
        ServerAlias     qmail.org
        DocumentRoot    /asusual

Russell Nelson
Last modified: Fri May 21 16:40:02 EDT 2004